Our History

With more than three decades of experience in the field of Information Technology, Ademir Soares has always ensured that he brings with him a rich mix of skills in information and communications technology, network and infrastructure engineering, technological research and development, and solution testing and implementation.

He is regarded as one of the pioneers who worked with and operated mainframes and super computers that enabled various end users to perform massive computing. With a solid expertise and thorough understanding of the functions of these technologies, Ademir combines his solid background with comprehensive education and training. In turn, these have become his strong foundation that enables him to bring the expected bottom-line contributions to any company he has worked for.

Cultivating New Ideas

Optimizing Technology Tools for Education Effectiveness


Our Vision directs us that developing individuality - faculty of thinking and acting is the work of true education.


Create a self-sustained global education program at the Adventist Educational System where students at the elementary level could, would should interact and collaborate.


Our Principles about education is directly aimed at preparing the student for the satisfaction of service in this world, and for that higher joy for a more extended service in the world to come.


Always Striving For More! COCONET-US, LLC is one of the leading-edge t focused on providing Internet connectivity to schools, private and public. We believe that digital learning has the potential to provide all students with equal access to educational opportunity and that every school requires high-speed broadband to make that opportunity a reality.

Our work focuses on catalyzing federal and state action on K-12 broadband initiatives and accelerating upgrades in school districts by connecting them to competitive service provider options. We are currently working with several school and covering some schools in the state of Michigan and Illinois, providing technical and procurement support to several of school districts.




Creativity is, in essence, an attribute of God that is demonstrated in his activity as a creator.

basic training

Promote the gospel thru technology and education. Create an ecosystem where the training of new students are possible. Using the technology and education as a tool to reach the ultimate goal.


Distribution of Hardware and Software [Computers and Applications] to schools [elementary, secondary and colleges/universities] involved in this program Provide adequate training to users Set up a local network in small groups/schools Serve as "Liaison" among schools lamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.


Our values are anchored in the premise that each human being is created in the image of God, endowed with a certain faculty from the Creator - individuality - this faculty of thinking and acting. The men in whom this faculty is developed are those who face responsibilities, who are the leaders in the undertakings and who influence characters.

our pedagogical proposal

Our pedagogical proposal is a process and must always be reviewed and rewritten. Our proposal is based on the fact that all human beings are created in the likeness of God, endowed with different abilities, which make them unique, special and exclusive. Each individual has a potential to be developed and all of our pedagogical action will be aimed at making this development feasible, leading the student to discover the wonders of the world around him. Each content will be developed within a meaningful context, transforming children into useful citizens and committed to good, citizenship and self-realization.

The important thing is to work on these contents in an integrated way, as these issues are not neutral and we have to respect the differences of ideas, opinions and local nuances in each country where this proposal will be introduced. The curricular experience does not result only from what we have traditionally considered to be knowledge: the mastery of information and the development of reasoning. The child develops attitudes of thinking, but also different ways of feeling, expressing himself, acting creatively, moving. In Early Childhood Education, all of this is school knowledge.

Everything is part of the curriculum experience.


Our Service Areas

We offer, but are not limited to:  MS 365 A3 & A5 – AZURE -LMS & SIS platforms