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Welcome to COCONET-US. We are business & education experts, E-rate & ECF (FCC-USAC) consultants based in Berrien Springs, MI – USA

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Welcome to COCONET-US, we are business & educational applications experts, E-rate [USAC] consultants

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From COCONET-US®, MOSDAC-US® to LMS, SIS to  OLPC*, we always have someone to satisfy your needs.

* More to to be announced very soon….


Exploring new opportunities - creating new businesses

Corporate - Strategy & Marketing

We are committed to provide a refreshing, innovative and transparent management for your customers. Proven best practices and processes.

coaching - performance improvement

We offer an integrated framework for achieving competitive advantage by managing organizations, processes, and jobs effectively.

business - growth strategy

Our Fit for Growth approach is a proven model for unlocking performance that helps companies manage their cost in a more strategic way, allowing them to cut costs and grow stronger at the same time.

Our Service Areas

We strive to keep you ahead of the curve.

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COCONET-US® Solutions

COCONET-US is  a uniquely positioned company to deliver a LMS or SIS platform, you can count on COCONET-US!

microsoft license distribution

COCONET-US®, under special Campus & School Agreement for Enrollment for Education Solution, is permitted to purchase under this Enrollment as it is directly responsible for the purchase and management of licensing for all of the member institutions of the Seventh Day Adventist Church

COCONET-US® LMS platform

We build world class learning solutions.
Drive digital transformation and change across institutions.
Demonstrate compliance to regulatory & safety norms.
Demonstrate performance & learning impact.
Help monetize learning a$$ets.

MS365 A3 & azure platform

Azure for Education - Project COCONET-US— MOSDAC®Build, deploy, and manage applications with comprehensive Azure cloud services. Whether you’re a student getting started, an educator teaching advanced workloads, or just interested in building cloud-based skills in your community, we’ve got the cloud development resources you need.

coconet-us® SIS platform

Our Student Information Systems [SIS] integrates students, parents, teachers and the administration. It provides capabilities for registering students in courses, documenting grading, transcripts of academic achievement and curricular activities, and the results of student assessment scores; forming students schedules, tracking student attendance, generating reports and managing other students-related data needs in an educational institution.

mosdac-us® lms platform

IN tandem with our COCONET-US® We build world class learning solutions
Drive digital transformation and change across institutions
Demonstrate compliance to regulatory & safety norms.
Demonstrate performance & learning impact.
Help monetize learning a$$ets.

web developing/hosting - Virtual Private server [vps]

COCONET-US® & MOSDAC-US® offers to our customers a number of great products for your hosting needs.
A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a server that runs multiple independent virtual machines, each of which acts similar to a small dedicated server. With a VPS, you will have full control over what happens on that server

mosdac-us® sis platform

Bringing your K-12 MOSDAC-US® Ecosystem to life. Power your school operation to success with innovative, easy-to-use technology at center of your K-12 educational ecosystem. Increased family engagement, improve student accountability, and provide peace of mind with a secure, configurable system that integrates with other applications. Gain scalability and flexibility with an end-to-end student information system from the trusted market leader.

MS 365 A3 & A5

Be more creative and achieve what matters with Outlook, OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and more. As a participant of the Project - COCONET-US - MOSDAC-US you have automatically access to an Office 365 subscription, you get the latest Office apps—both the desktop and the online versions

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Latest News

COCONET-US™ will be participating on the Annual Convention of PAAUC [Pan African Adventist Universities & Colleges] in September, 5 to 8, 2022

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